#Liiveblog 2 of IC West @ WDM Valley

Start of 2nd Quarter: Valley 7 IC West 0

ICW will have the ball on their own 46, 3rd and 8. Bleil pass to Koch is complete. Gain of 13 for 1st down.

1/10, V43: Bleil handoff to Dowell. Tackle by Vertin. Gain of 5.

2/5, V38: Delay of game on ICW, will be 2/10, ball on V43

2/10, V43: Bleil pass to Doyle, gain of 19.

1/10, V24, ICW fumbles ball, Valley recovers. Valley start drive on own 21.

1/10, V21, Gray run, gain of 11, for first down.

1/10, V35: Gray run, fumbled, recovered by Valley. maintain possession.

2/8, V37: Lombardi sacked by Milani, loss of 7.

3/15, V30: Lombardi scrambles up field, gain of 14.

4/1, V44: Gray run picks up 1st down, gain of 4

1/10, V48: Gray run, cuts up field, Milani trips him up, gain of 19.

1/10, W29: Lombardi fakes handoff and runs for a first down, tackle by Adcock, gain of 20.

1/G, W9, Valley run, gain of 3

2/G, W6: Gray run, tackled by Yoerger, gain of 2

3/G, W4: Lombardi pass to Carlo Marble for 4-yd TD. PAT good. Valley 14  IC West 0, 5:47 left in 2Q. Drive: 10 plays, 79 yds


City West ball to start drive on own 16.

1/10, W16: Bleil pass to Martin, tackle by Huinker, gain of 6

2/4, W20:

2/11, W25: Bleil pass intercepted by Dan McCoy. McCoy tackled at W17. Valley ball

1/10, W17: Drew Gray run for 17-yd TD. PAT good, Valley 21  IC West 0, 4:00 left in 2Q.  Drive: 1 play, 17 yds


Tyler Eads KO return, tackled at W27.

1/10, W27: Bleil pass overthrown, incomplete

2/10, W27: Dowell run, loss of 1

3/11, W26: Bleil pass incomplete. Penalty on play.

4/11, W26: City West punts to Valley. Ball on W30

1/10, W30: Lombardi pass intercepted by Oliver Martin of ICW. Ball on W20, Trojans ball. 2:52 left in 2Q

1/10, W20: Timeout, ICW. Eads run, tackled out of bounds. PF-Valley. Gain of 5, tack on 15.

1/10, W40:  Illegal procedure on ICW. 5 yd penalty

1/15, W35: Dowell run, gain of 1.

2/13, W37: Bleil pass to Martin complete, gain of 21.

1/10, V42: Bleil sacked by Walsh. Loss of 6.

2/16, V48: pass incomplete

3/18, V49: Bleil pass caught by Eads, but out of bounds. Incomplete.

4/18, V49: ICW punts. Dafney with punt ret. Penalty on play. Holding against Valley.

1/10, V13: Drew Gray run, tackled by Martin. Gain of 28, 1:15 left in 2Q

1/10, V42, Lombardi pass to Dafney incomplete

2/10, V42: Penalty on play. Penalty on Tigers.

2/15, V37: Lombardi pass incomplete, broken up by Conner Greene

3/15, V37: Gray run, tackle by Koch, gain of 19. Timeout Valley. :50 left before halftime.

1/10, w44: Lombardi pass to Salsbury incomplete

2/10, W44: pass inc. Penalty, illegal receiver down field on Valley.

3/18, V48: Lombadi sacked.

4/8, W42: Lombardi pass to Dafney complete. Ball on 14, gain of 29

1/10, W14: Gain of 5 for Gray

2/5, W9: Hahn FG attempt from 26 yds is good. Valley 24  IC West 0, :03 left before halftime.  Drive: 



1/10 w23: Bleil pass to Martin, gain of 6

2/4, W29: Bleil pass to Martin, gain of 4 for 1st down

1/10 W33: Bleil pass to Eads incomplete

2/10 W33: Bleil tucks it and run, gain of 5

3/5 W38:

2/13 V43: Bleil to Martin complete, gain of 2

3/11, V41: Bleil scrambles down sideline. Penalty on ICW.

3/29 W39: Bleil pass intercepted by Keller Prien. Valley ball on V39

1/10 V39: Gray tackled behind line of scrimmage. Penalty on play. Offsetting PFs.

2/12 V41: Lombardi pass to Hronich incomplete

3/12 V41: Lombardi pass for Salsbury incomplete

4/12 V41: Valley punts. City West downs ball at own 16

1/10 W16: Bleil pass to Xavier Koch complete, gain of 5

2/15 W21: Penalty, defensive offsides, Valley.

1/10, W26: Dowell run, tackled in backfield, no gain

2/10, W26: Bleil scrambles and tackled by Prien, gain of 1

3/9, W27: Bleil run, tackled by Turner Scott. Gain of 1

4/8 W29: City West punts.

1/10 V37: Lombardi pass to Glinecki complete, gain of

1/10 W30: Lombardi to Dafney complete, gain of 21

1/G W9: Lombardi pass to Dafney incomplete

2/G W9: Gray run, tackled by Milani, loss of 2

3/G, W11: Lombardi pass to Quinton Curry incomplete.

4/G W11: Cole Hahn 29-yd FG is good. Valley 27  IC West 0 3:39 left in 3Q. Drive: 


Start of 4th Quarter: City West ball on own 46.

4/8 W46: City West punts. Ball downed by Prien. Penalty on Valley, illegal use of hands. Tigers start drive at own 10

1/10 V10: Gray run, gain of 9

2/1 V19: Salsbury run, tackled by Hicks, gain of


Carlo Marble 48-yd reception from Lombardi

1/10 W16 : Gray run, gain of 6

2/4 W10: Lombardi pass intercepted by Tyler Eads of ICW

3/5 W6: Bleil pass to Conner Greene complete, gain of 63

1/10 V32: Eads run, gain of 2

2/8 V30: Bleil to Martin pass incomplete, out of bounds

3/8 V30: Bleil pass to Martin complete, gain of 5.

4/3 V25: Bleil to Martin pass complete, gain of 9

1/10 V16: Hicks run, gain of 7

2/3 V9: Bleil pass incomplete, penalty on Valley – DPI.

1/G V5: Koch run up middle, gain of 3

2/G V2: Bleil sneak, tackled, gain of 1

3/G V1: Bleil 1 yd TD sneak. PAT no good. Valley 27 IC West 6, 2:55 left in 4Q. Drive:  97 yds